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Eugene dentist, Dr. Shawn Eckstrom and our entire staff welcome you to our website! At Shawn Eckstrom D.D.S. our treatment goal is to insure your oral care protects your whole being. Our absolute first duty is a laser guided emphasis on state of the art care for your teeth and gums. However, we also believe it's very important to evaluate and be conscientious if any issues need to be addressed in relation to your general health and well being. Here at Eckstrom D.D.S. we insist you have the very best dental care not only from dentists, Eugene, but by any dentist in the world. You deserve only the best health. Call us at (541) 223-3444. Make an appointment knowing your questions will be answered with care.

What is most important to you when choosing your dentist in Eugene?  We like our patients to relax knowing they are listened to carefully.

Dr. Shawn is a leading treatment expert, not only by the standards of dental care in our community, but at the world's most advanced level. In addition to being extremely passionate about his profession, you can trust him to recommend and perform only the very best dental procedures  for you.

He still believes, even though he's the doctor, you need to be listened to. He feels it is important that a patient knows they can trust their dentist and relax. He doesn't like the idea of any professional who does not take the time to listen and care for the concerns of each patient. "I want my patients to know their concerns and questions are important. A patient needs to trust their doctor to actually take the time to pay attention to them as an individual."

Your smile is powerful. When you smile, you can change the world. Maybe that sounds grandiose or corny, but think about it. A smile can change the way we feel and make the whole world different in an instant.  You-we have the power to change some one else's world with that same smile. How many times have you seen that magic.

How about when someone smiles at us and we smile back and feel good. That is one of the rewards of taking care of our patients smilers. Your dental health is so very important for your well being, it's essential. Good health is impossible without good oral health. We think people feel even better about their smiles when their health is good.

Going to the dentist is usually on your list of least favorite pastimes for most folks. We know that and take extra care to make sure you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable when you walk through the door at Eckstrom D.D.S. We know if you feel safe and relaxed coming for your checkups and care that we'll get our patients to that point of not having to dread "the dentist". We love being a part of making that happen for you. Dental care is so vital and we're proud to make our patients feel good about it without stress. We do that and you feel good.

Shawn Eckstrom D.D.S. provides the complete range of the very latest state of the art general & cosmetic dental treatments at our office. Of course you absolutely must have an excellent dentist to protect your health. Dr. Shawn is obsessed with making sure your health is the best and at the same time help you achieve your perfect smile. Our office specializes in teeth whitening, crowns ,   preventative care and   dental  implants  and much much more. We utilize the latest in dental technology and techniques to make sure you have the very best preventive care and treatment available in Eugene... or for that matter, the world.

We're glad you are here. By all means look over our website and get a feel for the top talented Eugene dentists and office procedures. We have a virtual library of dental information posted for your benefit. We want you to have the best resources to get everything squared away and concentrate on preventative protection. Relax with confidence at Shawn Eckstrom D.D.S. and call us. We're your neighborhood Eugene, dentist.

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